Pharmaceutical companies owe a duty to consumers to produce safe and quality products. To do this, the company must conduct studies to determine the effects of their drugs or medical devices. If the company discovers an adverse effect then it owes a duty to the public to reveal that information. When a pharmaceutical company fails to disclose dangerous side effects it has engaged in outright deceit.

Too often companies release drugs or medical devices that have dangerous side effects. In some cases, this occurs because the company rushed a product to market before having all the information. In other cases, the company made a conscious decision to sweep the adverse effects under the rug. This happens because pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars developing a drug or medical device and do not like to see them fail. This profits over people logic is the cause of many drug and medical device related injuries.

Luckily, drug and medical device injury litigation keeps pharmaceutical companies in check, and helps ensure that they produce and provide safe products. Each claim serves to encourage companies to make safer products and fully disclose their side effects to allow the public to make informed decision before taking a medication or using a medical device.

Without the threat of litigation, pharmaceutical companies would be beholden solely to profits. Thus, drug and medical device injury litigation not only helps compensate people who have been injured by dangerous pharmaceutical products, but also discourages future abuse.

If you have been injured as a result of a pharmaceutical company’s dangerous drug or defective device, we encourage you to contact our law firm. Your claim will not only help you recover for your injury, but also prevent injuries to others. Contact us for your free consultation.

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